Solomon (not his real name) is a Congolese college student whom Greg met on his last trip.  Despite his young age, Solomon has great wisdom about the situation in the Congo.  As you read his insights, keep in mind his original language is a tribal language but he has learned French and English.

God, Father of the Humanity

We are all called to build a civilization of brothers and sisters.

All of us , we have to recognize that we have one Father, God who made all for us and who gave us [the] life.

But today [the] humanity believes that they can build a civilization without Father.

In fact, we are all seeing how the world is going in failure.

As you know, today the world is characterized by the lack of peace, everywhere there are different troubles.

But we are only going to focus on one area:  Bukavu, one of the D.R.Congo’s cities.

On Sunday all activities are stopped and almost all people take away towards churches.

But nothing changes, in spite of the great mobilization of going into churches, Bukavu is still the land of troubles, rape, poverty and all bad actions.

Maybe this can make [that]  people say God doesn’t exist because if He existed He could act in Bukavu because all people from there  love him.

Of course ,but let me tell you with a loud voice that God exists and he loves Bukavu and its people very much and Bukavu is a blessed country because they recognize God  as their Father  and they believe [to] His word but they let him to do all at their place.

Why do I say that Bukavu is a blessed city?

Because the bible is a secret of success[ful] and if you apply it in your life and in your work you must succeed.

While Bukavu people love God and they read His Word but they leave [let] to God their duties.

And also the church became a coverage which can cover abusive people.

Holy Austin remember us that God who created us [without us] can’t save us without us.

Jesus blessed breads and fishes and they increased to feed people but he didn’t create it.

God used Moses to free Israelites but he didn’t go Himself.

God wants to act through Bukavu’s people but Bukavu’s people want God to act himself.

So if every one of Bukavu could understand that God wants to act or to work through him, immediately all could change in Bukavu and peace and prosperity could get a place there.

Bukavu is a blessed place because there is a bible there and people believe that it is the Word of God.  God gave all to Bukavu [as] minerals, good land for agriculture and for rising animals, and business activities [are possible].  God gave to Bukavu a lot of people which is an  important resource and He gave to that people the intelligence and  the bible (Word of God).  The resources and the intelligence are not used to change Bukavu in peace, it isn’t used to fulfill [the] God’swill.

God is looking for someone with whom He can act  for changing Bukavu’s like but no one is ready for that because they know that all what happen is the will of God.

If there are sufferings and troubles at Bukavu, it is the will of God.

So I want to say that God wants to free and to change Bukavu but he can’t do it without people of Bukavu.

God is angry to see that all [what] He gave to Bukavu isn’t used for the interest of its people.

All the life of Jesus is a good exemple for us.

Jesus was a worker and he is calling us to work.

He helped Peter to fish, He fed those who [have] hungry, He walked so hard and worked so hard for fulfilling his mission.

You too have a mission in Bukavu , maybe it is to change the health as a doctor or nurse, may be to change the politic as a politician, maybe to change the law as a lawyer but Jesus is calling you to work hard and to know that it is Him who is acting through you, then in that way you will participate to the mission of God.

Here at Bukavu as I said the bible and church became a fabric you can put on your face for hiding what you are.

The government is almost absent  in his duties and everyone is now doing all what he wants for surviving, so the stronger exploit the less stronger people. While what is morally wrong can’t be politicaly good.

I think God is very angry with what He is seeing in Bukavu: sons are raping their mothers, brothers are killing his sisters and brothers are killing their fathers.

Do you think God created  you for a such purpose?

God is angry to see you forbidding His will to be fulfilled.

I think that everyone from Bukavu must know that God has a purpose on him because all actors we have are  Christians but their acts show us that they are far from God.

Let me say that God became something they can use for getting power and once you get it, you throw God down, but let me say that little by little men are going towards failure in the mission of leading the world.

What are we going to let to the new generation?

The time is passing and you too, you will pass.

But I think that you could benefit from the time you have for serving your brothers and sisters and that could make you free.

Remember that one day you will be obliged to leave this world and your main preoccupation will be to know who is going to welcome you. This is the time of preparing that Day.

Think on this sign of Jesus who was a teacher but he washed the feet of his disciples for showing them and us the good example of  serving.

You are called to do like Jesus where you are engaged then the  world is going to change.