Below are articles and websites that explain the current situation in the Congo. By clicking on the links below, you will see a few of the reasons why there is such unrest in what is one of the most resource rich countries. Millions of Congolese lives are being affected by corruption and evil.

We are called by Jesus Christ to help our brothers and sisters who are suffering. That is why we go.

  • To read about political agendas, fighting over resources, and access over minerals, you can click here for a brief overview of the majority of the complex reasons there is a consistent struggle in the Congo.
  • Click here to read a brief overview of the political history of the Congo. It explains the significant leaders of the region through a timeline and how each effected what the Congo is today. To understand the complex environment of the Congo it is crucial to understand the influence specific leaders have made on the country.
  • To read David Aronson’s blog site, click here. He tracks political and military developments in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with a focus on resource exploitation.
  • Rural Poverty Portal gives a list of statistics for the Congo ranging from education to health to income. To read about this click here.
  • This site consistently posts articles pertaining to the DRC. To read about updates on significant happenings from farming to governmental changes to social updates click here. The stories you read on this site come from newspapers, news agencies and publications all over the African continent providing you a large pool of stories and documents to learn from.

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