Solomon (not his real name) is a Congolese college student whom Greg met in Bukavu.  Despite his young age, Solomon has great wisdom about the situation in the Congo.  As you read his insights, keep in mind his original language is a tribal language, but he has learned French and English.


Why the Church?

In the coming time, once more again, the Democratic Republic of Congo is going to confront a very tough time: it is the election time.

Why election can be a bad event?

To other people around the world, election is freedom, a manner for that people to speak, it is dreaming the country future and leave the country to someone they believe he is going to make that dream a reality.

But in Democratic Republic of Congo, people lost already the vote taste.

They do not know why to elect anymore because their suffering came from the vote and may be the next will increase their suffering.

Churches leaders could lead people to vote rationally but, now it is time for them to get money from candidates buy promising them that “I am a church leader and I am going to convince my Christians to elect you.”

People have confidence in their church leaders; they believe that from them they can get only light, trough and progress.

Christians are unable to analyze candidate program, they are unable to make a comment on a speech of a candidate because they didn’t study and if they studied because of the faith, they become faithful to their pastors.

They do not know that their pastors became sellers of voters whom they are to candidates.

And that why all young people are dedicating the failure of the last election we got to churches.

Why our churches are losing their image, why our churches forgot their mission, why our churches do not follow a true purpose of a true church?

No one ignores that the future of a church is the youth but if they got disappointment from that church, how will their future be?

How will a church convince pagan people to become Christian if their acts are far from their words?

Buddha; one of Chinese religion founder said: “if Christians could live the Jesus gospel, even me too could become a Christian.”

Our acts, our behavior and our life could be a call made to others to become Christians.

When you believe in Jesus and give him your life, God becomes your father and you too become his son.

Other people become brothers and sisters you have to love and the world becomes a gift you have to share with others.

I am a bible reader and now when I do comparison among church life whose they talk about in the bible and nowadays church life, I see a big difference while disciples’ church could be our model and our aspiration.

God is our father and we are his children, we make a family and a family is characterized by love.

But first I have to live that love, you have to live that love, when others will see how we live, they will follow us and God family will increase.