Solomon (not his real name) is a Congolese college student whom Greg met in Bukavu.  Despite his young age, Solomon has great wisdom about the situation in the Congo.  As you read his insights, keep in mind his original language is a tribal language, but he has learned French and English.


The Human Being and Money

Today we live in a world called money first.

We are all participating to the destruction of the life value and now we judged better to promote individual interest.

Today a human being is able to sacrifice the life of others in order to get interest.

Life value is a legacy we got from our elders and we would let it as a legacy to new generation .The international community could raise it    at the first level ; it could be the priority because the world destiny depends on it.

Imagine, how the world can keep quiet, how whole humanity around the world can feel free   while women from Democratic Republic of Congo are hunted as animals?

Where is the world solidarity if in Congo rap and massacre became the values of that community?

All these happened because guns are present in the world, guns: result of the man work.

Why some women are rejoicing while others from Congo are regretting to have been born women?

The international community meet themselves to discuss about interest but not to promote human dignity because if they meet because of human dignity, troubles could end in Congo, rap could end and justice could get in Congo.

Tell us if Congolese women aren’t equal to others human beings, tell us if people who are massacred haven’t right to life.

Us who are depriving life right to others because of interest, who gave us the right to the life?

Rap, massacre and inhuman treatment are actions which made dirty Congolese people, African people and the whole humanity.

Rap made dirty the woman dignity in the world.

War made dirty the world history and it is the legacy we will let to new generation.

All these abusive actions made Congo unable to build peace.

And then, tomorrow or after tomorrow this is going to happen again because it is what we sowed in our children and remember that revenge exist.

The world community could clean the world history by ending troubles in the whole world but first guns have to disappear in the world.

We are called to build peace by making from the world a land where people can live safely.

Today our world is called money first instead of being called life first.