Solomon (not his real name) is a Congolese college student whom Greg met in Bukavu.  Despite his young age, Solomon has great wisdom about the situation in the Congo.  As you read his insights, keep in mind his original language is a tribal language, but he has learned French and English.

Churches at Bukavu

Catholics; we have the truth, others will perish.

Protestants; we have the truth, others will perish.

Jehovah witnesses; we have the truth, others will perish.

Branhamists; we have the truth, others will perish.

Muslims; we have the truth, others will perish.

And so on.

Muslims; they even kill to defend Allah.

They judge and after having judged, they kill.

Jesus came to save people and he let the same mission to his disciples.

The same mission is let to you today.

But if you kill while I am still in errors, have you saved me or you made me perish?

Jesus came for souls but you, you persecute it.

Instead of killing me, you could lead me; you could let me know the truth through you.

Luke 6:31: “And just as you want people to treat you, treat them in the same way.”

I think that the truth is where you feel fortunate to meet God, to know him more, to love him and to talk to him and to serve him.

Luke 4:18-19: “The spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind, to set free those who are downtrodden, to proclaim the favorable year of the Lord.”

Here above is the mission of a good religion.

Your acts will tell people if your religion is right or wrong.

That why act like Jesus disciple and people will follow you.

There is a saying that says: “The church in the middle of a village.”

In the former time the church was the light in a village full of darkness.

And then, People that needed the light got to church.

The church helped the new comers to integrate themselves in the village.

It helped people without relatives to get  relatives, it helped poor to get food, it helped Christians to know one an other.

The problem of one church member was shared by all the church community, the joy of one church member was shared by all the church community. It was at the church where people got information about the village, about the city and about the country.

The church was a parent and members were like sons and daughters.

The church was all to people.

The church leader was more informed in order to inform Christians too.

The church marked the village and each people wanted to join the community.

I heard a Christian making this statement: “my very close relatives are members of my church”.

This is the church Bukavu needs, these are Christians Bukavu needs.

The church that changes the life of Christians, the life of the city, the church that saves, the church that frees people.

The church that makes from a Christian a brother or a sister of another.

“People will know if you are my disciples through your acts,” Jesus said.

People in Bukavu don’t work, they let all to Jesus.

They are waiting Jesus to come and free them from the war and all others attachments while the first coming of Jesus was to free people, his second coming will be to judge people who didn’t get benefit from the freedom he gave them.

Jesus doesn’t want you to remain in attachments while he free you already.