Finished the first seminar – Bible study methods.  Had no idea what to expect.  Had 35 people.  Seemed to go well.  I was reminded of Jim Rose’s sermon on the parable of the sower.  He told us to sow seeds broadly and not to be a soil inspector.  That is a good word for what we are doing.  Seems like we are not doing much but showing up and scattering some seeds – seems pretty feeble.  I tell myself that because God chose to use humans to do the work of building His kingdom; He knows about feeble.  He specializes in using whole-hearted, but feeble work.  After the seminar, one guy who I have a bit of a relationship with said that the content of the seminar is exactly what churches need.  We had the course material translated into Swahili so hopefully God will continue to use that material in the lives of the people.  We also gave them a basic discipleship booklet in French and two Bibles.  We challenged them to give the Bibles and review the training with two people.  We asked them to pray and ask God to reveal to them who those people are.  Let’s pray together that God would make it clear to them who needs His word and that the participants would be convicted to obey.  The team and I really appreciate your prayers.  The business seminar is tomorrow.