And without vision, the people perish. (Proverbs 29:18)And that is the state of eastern Congo. We are grateful to God for arranging relationships with some great current and future leaders. Paul, a pastor, is one of those leaders of leaders. He has a passion for and deep knowledge of leadership. Ivan and I spent the weekend with Paul and these leaders. We had six training sessions in a retreat setting that we sponsored. There were also

numerous one on one meetings. In this setting one of our primary goals is to encourage these people to persevere.We preach a big God who is a personal and powerful provider for His people. We shared some of our personal stories and walked through the Old Testament book of Nehemiah – one of my favorite books on leadership. Nehemiah led a physical and spiritual revival of Israel. He started by rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem. That wall provided physical and emotional security to the residents. It had been torn down for more than 100 years when Nehemiah came on the scene. Through his leadership, the Israelites rebuilt the wall in 52 days – an amazing feat that is a testimony to God’s provision, Nehemiah’s leadership and the people’s diligent work. Then Nehemiah led a spiritual revival. And that is why Nehemiah is such a great example for the people of eastern Congo. That’s it for now.

For the team,