Just a quick note to ask you to bear down in prayer today for our training event Wednesday from 8am to noon (1am to 5am CDT).
We will be distributing 100 MP3 players with the New Testament in Swahili.  We will be training the people to form listening groups.  The groups will listen to the Bible and then discuss it.
Clear communication has been a real challenge this trip.  Seems like something keeps getting in the way.  Please pray that God would enable clear communication and not allow anything to interrupt it.
The Congolese do not ask questions.  Please pray that they would feel at ease asking questions.  Many Congolese hold the view that the “white man” is always right.  That is not our view; we want questions and thoughts that are contrary to ours.
We are praying that the MP3 players would be heard by more than 1000 people for at least 6 months.  Please join me.
Please pray that the Congolese will catch the vision and develop convictions around the importance of seeking God by listening to the Bible.
Let’s also pray that God would bring many people to a knowledge of Jesus Christ through listening to the players.