I think I found what Obama is doing after he leaves the presidency. Look closely at the white lettering on the building. There is much more in this picture; enjoy!

A highlight: our new translator listened to what we said the first day and then that night worked on a business plan and presented it to us at breakfast the next morning. That is what I call ambitious!

A lowlight: One student who we have trained for two years insisted that his pig business was a good business even though you put $185 of food into a sow and receive $150 worth of piglets from her. When I quizzed him on why it was a good business, he said, “The sow also increases in value.” I asked how much. He said, “$40.” I said, “That means that you will make five dollars before payment for the rent of the land, payment for the labor and payment for the medicine.” Then there was a discussion about whether pigs needed medicine or not. Aargh. He must have had a bad teacher of business.

🙂 Please keep praying!