Quick Reminders

I just wanted to remind you about two opportunities to learn about what God is doing in the Congo and our upcoming Congo trips.  God uses these trips (as well as people here) to cause growth in us and the Congolese.  It is always fun to see Him show up!  Come learn more about being a part of what God is doing in an area very different from Austin, Texas!

Here is something you can do to help.

  •  Sign up for Solomon’s blog  at https://bukavunews.wordpress.com/.  We are trying to get his “followers” to at least 100.  Having more followers encourages him and gets him noticed in other places – opening up more opportunities for him.  Please don’t wait; do it now!



P.S.  I use pictures like the one of these children in Livungi to remind me why the work of helping people start businesses is important. These children likely will grow up to farm using hoes.  I want them to have a better future — both physically and spiritually. I want them to do what God created them to do and to be paid for it — either starting or working in a business that makes the community better. (And if God designed them to farm, I want them to farm using more modern methods.)  Note the condition of their clothes and the single pair of shoes.