I am going to tell you something but before I do, you must promise not to feel guilty. Alright.

Most of you know I love numbers. It is the way I am wired by God. So bear with me. These simple numbers summarize an enormous amount of truth — truth of life in Congo. We pay about 13 cents per year to charge a phone. Not much. If you don’t have a source of electricity in Congo, you go to a shop to charge your phone. The annualized cost is 23 DOLLARS. In a country where per capita GDP is $400. We are exploring some options to change that reality. Pray that God would give us answers and unity with the YoungLife volunteer leaders that we are training. We did our first market research today. Don’t feel guilty; feel grateful. The pic is the conference room where we meet. You can see about half the people.

P.S.  Mailchimp has a new iPhone app that makes it easy to get out short updates. I plan to use it some. For those of you who are new to the list, I promise you won’t get many emails from us after the trip. In these emails, we try to communicate interesting facts and observations so that we can share a new perspective with you. And you don’t have to make the 46 hour one way journey. Of course you are welcome to join us on a future trip and experience the perspective first hand!

For the team,