A recent email had the pig business as a lowlight.I spoke too soon. Over the last year, I told our young entrepreneur that his start up costs (building an elevated pig pen for $1500) were way too high. I also told him

that his food costs were way too high. Over the course of the last year I hounded him with questions and suggested he pray that God would provide creative solutions. And He did! Praise God! We now have a new businessman who is learning the pig business with a free elevated pig pen and nearly free food. He showed me. The pig business is a good business!

For the team,


P.S. Our theology of God’s provision is based on Matthew 6:33: “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things (the basics for life) will be added to you.”It’s a great promise for those who seek first!It even works for a businessman in the pig business.