Congo Blessings

Congo Blessings Establishing Relationships Here’s a quick note – essentially a request for prayer.   Mike Scheffelin, Ben Ryan and I leave Sunday for Congo Trip #9.  We will return on February 9. I can’t explain completely why an all-powerful and sovereign God asks us to pray, but here is what I know:  When people pray,…


Email 1: Trip #9

Congo Blessings Establishing Relationships Well, it has been almost a year since I last wrote you about Congo.  Much has happened.  In this letter, you will find some great stories that I hope will encourage you and expand your view of God and how He works. A Quick Summary The 9th trip begins on January…


January 14- God’s Surprises

I forgot to mention that the last email about obtaining the video permit was written by Josh Cox, our highly esteemed rookie.  He lost his rookie status after the first day!  This email is from our other video expert and a three time veteran, Mike. 

Greetings to everyone from the Democratic Republic of the Congo from Christ servant, Mike Scheffelin.