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We use internet-based communications and annual trips to change the mindset and experiences of Christians so that they can change the harsh physical and spiritual reality of life in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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We proclaim truth because the truth will set people free – physically and spiritually.

“and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

John 8:32

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Opportunities Appear for People Who Have Faith & Take Action

We believe that if we do not like the reality that we see before us, it is up to us to act to change it for the better. We know that there is no better time for us to act, because modern technology has made communication, knowledge exchange, and business formation easier than ever. We know that opportunities appear for people who have faith and who take action.

There are three main opportunities to serve, and an unending need for prayer. Where is God calling you take action?

Join Us on Trips

In-person opportunity to share the truth about Jesus, as it relates to life and business. Help increase participation in remote working networks.

Work Mentors

Work with an individual living in Bukavu to help them earn a living wage by exporting their intelligence through the “gig economy.”

Content Creation

Utilize your passion for The Living Word to build Bible studies and develop learning opportunities for our friends in the Congo.

Power of Prayer

Throughout our ministry, we are leaning on the power of prayer to guide our trips, build our relationships and help make life on earth a little more like life in heaven. (Matthew 6:10)

Recent Updates

Congo Trip 14: We’re On our Way

Congo Trip 14: We’re On our Way

Wow, it’s been about two years since I wrote to you about Congo. Yes, I still have Congo on my mind. And thankfully, the Lord is still leading me. Because of our relationships and reputation there (and Jesus’ provision), we can accomplish much remotely – more on that...

Congo Update The stories are Few, but Good

Congo Update The stories are Few, but Good

Congo Update: What if?  My goals in writing these updates are to share some theological questions that have occupied my thoughts, and to tell you stories of what is happening with our work with people in eastern Congo. The stories are few, but they are good. The...

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and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free

John 8:32

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If faith is absent in the life of a man, action will be uncertain.
However, one must nourish one’s faith and act according to each one’s desires. For we’ll never talk about the future if we don’t believe in it.
- Justin Bakenga, Bukavu Entreprenuer