This section of the blog is to inform you of how the Bible (Solar powered MP3 Bibles) is used and how it is effecting the lives of the Congolese people and those working with them. Some of the content is excerpts from emails, some are quotes from newsletters and even word of mouth. We believe it is important to show the ways the Bible is transforming and making it’s way from person to person in Congo.

Congolese man who worked with the Congo Purpose team, In an email to Greg-
“Hi dear Joel and Greg!

I hope all is well with you.

Dear Greg, Just a quick note with regards to the audio bible. From the 13th to the 15th of April, I went to a small village (kyugama) were I did some preaching and ran a youth seminar. The one shocking thing was to realize that there were only 4 bibles(swahili) in the whole congregation ( and there were about 700 people present …and roughly 60 young adults). The pastor (Rev Migani) had one of the swahili audio bibles that you had given to Rev John. I thought I should let you know of how this one audio bible is being used. It is achieving quite a lot since there is a high degree of illiteracy among the people ( particularly over 85% of women from what I am told).”

In a newsletter to his friends and family-
“We also had our 1st ever communion together as a church on Easter Sunday! What a great moment to commemorate our Lord resurrection with such a great event!

Our first outreach went very well. We had 11 new people who attended (there wasn’t enough place for all 22 of us in my little flat!!!). They all wanted to come back with friends for the next 6 weeks!!! We will be reading through the book: “Purpose driven life” by Rick Warren. We pray and hope that these people will be challenged to live for Jesus and join Le Phare-Bukavu.”

A Congolese friend who sent pictures to Congo Purpose of his family using Bibles-
In fact, I have attached to this mail some photos of two of my sister’s friends listening to the bible with one of their friends in the market.

This bible is easy to carry and good for educated and non educated people. It allows, in the market, for the girl in the picture to talk about Jesus. The second picture is of women from a church I visited. The church is constituted by women who cannot read or write. They are victims of the male culture. While men were studying, these women were cultivating with their mothers or taking care of babies; and some of them were obliged to stop studying by their parents in order to give their brother the chance to study.

Now, they have become adults. Now Jesus occupies the first place in their lives. They would love to share him with others, but they cannot read and write.

This bible is a solution, because it is audible, easy to use and can be listened by more than one person at once.

Thank you Greg and good work.”




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